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Faith Formation


We’re already planning ahead for fall, when we’ll need catechists and aides for each classroom, especially grades 3, 5, 6, 8, and high school. If you feel God leading you to help kids develop their faith, please call Tim at 788-7640.


There is no Monday night Bingo in June. We will resume on July 9 and we are asking for volunteers to support Faith Formation.

The money earned from Bingo on Monday evenings is used to improve our Faith Formation program. We need your help — parents, middle school students and high school students: Are you able to contribute a few hours of time and volunteer at Bingo on one Monday evening and donate bakery goods?

Please contact Tim Singler with questions and to sign up to help at 788-7655 or email Tim at THANK YOU!


2018-2019 School Year


Faith Formation Payment

Email Address

Do we have your current / correct email address? Please email us at: Please remember, if your child will be absent from class, call (920)788-1401 or email us at:

Share Your Photos

Do you want to share your photo(s) of Faith Formation events from Family Evenings, Retreats, First Communion or Confirmation? Please email your photo(s) with a brief caption to: We would like to share your photos of these events on our website, newsletter and/or other church publications to highlight our growth in the grace of God.