Special Mass Times


Holy Day Mass Times

Christmas Eve-Dec. 24
3:30PM Spirit Fire Prelude 4:00PM Kimberly Site—Pageant during Mass
6:30PM Kimberly Site
10:30PM Men’s Choir Prelude 11:00PM Darboy Site
Christmas Day-Dec. 25
8:00AM Darboy Site
10:00AM Kimberly Site
Vigil Solemnity of Mary Mother of God-Dec. 31
4:00PM Darboy Site
Solemnity of Mary Mother of God-Jan. 1
10:00AM Kimberly Site

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Mass Times

Mass Times

Sat - 4:30 PM - Kimberly Sun - 7:30 AM - Darboy; Sun - 9:30 AM - Kimberly; Holy Days and weekdays: Check the parish calendar

Our Vision: Holy Spirit Catholic community strives to be an inclusive and faithfilled people, proclaiming to the world that God is deeply in love
with all.