Frequently Asked Questions for Scrip


What can money in my scrip account be used for?

Benefiting you: The money you accumulate in your scrip account can be used to reduce your tuition fees for Holy Spirit School and Faith Formation. It can also be used for Holy Spirit Retreats, Catholic Heart Workcamp, and Youth Ministry events. St. Mary’s and Xavier High School tuition can also be paid with money from your scrip account. If you have no children in school or Faith Formation, you can accumulate money in your scrip account for future use such as: Wedding, Baptism and Funeral fees, or you can also get a jump on future school tuition fees by purchasing scrip to earn scrip credits for future children or grandchildren.

Benefiting others: You can transfer the money in your scrip account to: other school/faith formation families, parish programs like Youth Ministry or Faith Formation, Take Stock in our Youth, Holy Spirit School for improvements, Campaign for Education, restricted parish account: example: roof and parking lot fund, reduce parish debt, Mass Intentions, flowers for church decor.
All programs of the parish would be delighted to receive money from anyone’s scrip account beyond the amount due for tuition fees.

How to fill out the scrip order form.

Whose name do I put at the top of the scrip form? Please use the first and last name of the head of household. Remember there are multiple families with the same last name. If you don’t put the first name along with the last name, you will not receive the scrip credit. Do not use children’s names on the order form.

Designating your scrip account.  If you are a Holy Spirit school family or Faith Formation family, you will be designated as such, in the computer. If you want your scrip account credits to benefit a particular ministry of Holy Spirit Parish your scrip account will be designated for that ministry. All other families’ scrip credits accumulated in your family account until you request a distribution.

Why must I put my name on the order form if I designate my credits as going to the parish? Even though you designate parish for your portion of the scrip credit, it accumulates in your personal account. You can then designate it for a particular use within the parish by using the Scrip Account Transfer to the Parish Form.

Example: A person who designates parish, recently requested a large amount of their scrip account be paid toward the Roof and Parking lot fund.

Why do you want my e-mail on file? If we have a question regarding your scrip order, we will send you an email describing the issue. We are not in the scrip office to answer questions on a daily basis. Mondays and Wednesdays are the best days to contact the Darboy scrip office.

Special Orders

What scrip is available for Special Order? Many vendors in many denominations are available for special order, through  

Why is prepayment required for Special Orders? We cannot guarantee that we will find another family willing to purchase the scrip you special ordered. Therefore, you are required to prepay for all special order scrip. Your Special Order Form and your check must be in the Darboy Scrip office by 5:00 p.m. on Sunday evening, when we place the weekly scrip order.

What is the delivery schedule for Special Orders? Special Orders are sent to our supplier on Monday, along with our regular order. You will be called when your scrip is ready for pickup. Generally, speaking, special order scrip will be in by Wednesday afternoon.

When do I need to let the scrip office know if I need an unusually large amount of scrip? Kwik Trip –we order directly from Kwik Trip as needed and would be able to accommodate a large order with a three day notice.
Kohl’s–we order monthly, contact the scrip office two weeks before your bill is due for an unusually large amount (anything over $1000).
Menards—we need a three day notice for Menards scrip to come in, please plan accordingly.
Best Buy, Lowe’s & Home Depot are ordered on Monday evenings and would be in by Wednesday afternoon at the Darboy site. These three vendors are also available as scripnow through which allows you to purchase virtual scrip within minutes if you are enrolled and have PrestoPay set up at

Any other vendor, please call the scrip office directly at 733-5158 to find out what the lead time is for that vendor.

There are two options for payment of special orders. One is to bring your check or money into the Darboy scrip office along with the special order form after you placed your order on-line. Once the money has been received by the Darboy scrip office, the following Monday, your order will be sent along with the rest of the weekly scrip order to Great Lakes.

The faster method for payment of special orders is to enroll in PrestoPay at This system allows Great Lakes to do an ach direct withdrawal from your bank account and your special order is automatically sent with the next week scrip order.

Great Lakes scrip vendors offer up to three form factors: physical scrip card, electronic scrip cards known as ScripNow and physical scrip cards that can be reloaded. Re-loadable scrip cards must be purchased from Holy Spirit through Great Lakes in order to be re-loadable.   Not all vendors available through are available in all form factors. Some offer scripnow while others offer reloadability.  Some offer both.

With the PrestoPay system you can be in Best Buy, place a scrip order on your smart phone through Shopwithscrip’s mobile website Within minutes, the barcode of your ScripNow e-card will be available on your smart phone for the Best Buy clerk to scan for payment at the checkout.

Many of the non-stocked vendors are available as ScripNow for your convenience.

Direct Vendors: We purchase scrip directly from the company: Cinders, Culvers, Festival, Good Company, Gunderson, Haen Meat, Hu-Hot,  Kwik Trip, McDonalds,  Menards, Mohnen’s, Tanners, Tom’s Drive-In, Manderfields, Lamers Dairy, and Woodmans. If you would like a significant quantity or a special denomination of the Direct Vendors, please contact the scrip office.


Local Scrip (Discontinued; Please contact Jeanne Konwal in the Darboy scrip office to exchange whatever local scrip you have on hand as soon as possible. Do not use it to purchase goods and services at any of the local companies previously listed on the local scrip form.)

Direct Checks

How do direct checks for local scrip vendors work? We can write out a check to the vendor minus the crediting amount. You would pay the full amount due, to the scrip program, and we would give you the check written out to the vendor for you to take in for full payment. We use this for The Sleep Shop, John Van Hoof DDS and Timothy Vosters DDS, The Learning RX, Carpet Mart, D & M Interiors, Dalton Carpet East, Floors by Roberts, Premier Appliance, Suess Electronics, Van Vreede’s and any other local scrip vendor for which you would have an invoice. There is approximately a one week turnaround time for a direct check.

Tuition Crediting

How often is my scrip credit applied to my school tuition? The parish bookkeeper currently requests the school families’ scrip balances monthly during the school year. If you have an outstanding tuition fee, your scrip account will be paid to the parish. If you are paid up for the school year, your scrip account will accumulate until the next school year.

How often is my scrip credit applied to my Faith Formation fees? The parish bookkeeper requests the Faith Formation families’ scrip balance to pay the annual Faith Formation tuition in August. The high school Faith Formation is requested quarterly. This is not in conjunction with the beginning of Faith Formation classes. Scrip balances will be applied to all outstanding Faith Formation tuition fees on a monthly basis.

Scrip Transfers and Distributions

What happens to money in my scrip account after my children are out of school and/or Faith Formation? Your money stays in your scrip account until you designate a distribution.

What happens to money in my scrip account if I leave the parish? Any money in your scrip account that you have not designated for distribution will go to the parish.

Can I transfer money from my scrip account to another family? Yes, the money in your scrip account can be transferred to another family. Use the following form: Scrip Account Transfer to Another Family and send as an attachment from your personal email address.

Miscellaneous Questions

How much do I have in my scrip account? Send an email requesting your scrip balance.

Can I purchase scrip for my business’s use? Yes, we have families who purchase for their business, some examples are gas cards for their company fleet, Gift Cards for employee Christmas bonus or incentives. Check with the Jeanne Konwal at 851-0494, regarding special orders for the availability of denominations not currently stocked and large quantity purchases.

Can I purchase scrip cards and resell them to my co-workers, neighbors, extended family? Yes, at face value, the same as when you purchased the cards. This is a great way to earn more scrip credit for your scrip account.

What is the fastest way to accumulate money in my scrip account? Currently, at 5% Motomart and Kwik Trip gas cards are the fastest way to accumulate money in your scrip account. Not only can they be used for gas, but can also be used for purchase items in the store. Express gas stations that have changed over to the MotoMart name can now use pay-at-the-pump Motomart scrip.
If you or someone you know are doing remodeling or changing out appliances, this is a great time to use scrip for large dollar purchases. Check out the vendors on the In-stock Scrip Order Form and the Direct Check order form.

There is a merchant that I do a great deal of business with. Can they become part of the scrip program? We look at each vendor on an individual basis. Contact the Darboy Scrip office.

Can I have my Holy Spirit student bring my scrip home if I send along a check? No, we currently have in place a policy that prohibits the transfer of scrip by children.

Can you hold scrip for me? If you call to find out if we have a certain vendor in a certain amount, we will only hold it if you are on your way in to pick it up.

Scrip Discrepancies If you feel you were given the wrong scrip, please contact Jeanne at 851-0494. We will check your order form to compare your request to what you received. In this situation, bring your scrip card to the Darboy scrip office. We would verify the scrip card’s balance and exchange it for your original request.

If your order form is filled out incorrectly and the seller doesn’t catch the error; you will be notified when we enter it in the computer. We will invoice you if you underpaid or give you a scrip card credit for future use if you overpaid.

If you feel you are missing scrip from your order, call the Jeanne 851-0494. We will review the situation when we do our weekly inventory on Mondays. Remember to always count your scrip back to the seller to verify that your order is accurate before you sign at the bottom of the order form.

NSF checks You will be charged the current bank NSF check fee for the first NSF check. You will be charged $40 for the second NSF check fee and be required to pay cash for one year.

Check Discrepancies If you fill our your check incorrectly, the bank will notify us of the discrepancy and include a photocopy of your check. Banks withdraw the written out description of the dollar amount, not the numeral amount when they do not match.







Sale Hours

Scrip Hours in the Darboy Scrip Office

School Year Hours - after Labor Day
Wednesday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - Noon
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - Noon

Summer Hours - after Memorial Day
Wednesday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - Noon

After 7:30 a.m. Mass on Sundays

Sale Hours in the Kimberly Parish Center

Winter Hours - after Labor Day
Monday - Thursday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Summer Hours - after Memorial Day
Monday - Thursday: 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Friday: 8:00 a.m. - Noon

After 4:30 Mass on Sat. and 9:30 Mass on Sun.