Fourth Grade

Reading – Students will learn and apply several strategies to increase comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary building. We will introduce Literature Circles to the class and read a novel together in small groups, while participating in many exciting small-group activities . A Teacher’s Read with the class is also done to model good oral reading.

Language Arts – Students will learn to construct complete sentences, identify parts of a sentence, and write persuasive paragraphs using the writing process. Students will also learn how to use proper punctuation when they write.

Math – Students will work on place-value and writing numbers in expanded, word, and standard forms.  Students will learn to use the 4-step Problem-Solving Process on word problems. Basic multiplication and division math facts are stressed.

Social Studies – Students will study the United States by region. We will explore our U.S. boundaries, both natural and political; the continents and oceans of the world; and where, exactly, we are in relationship to the rest of the world. We will also read our the “Great State Wisconsin” to learn about the greatest state in the union!

Science – We will focus on the Earth’s Land. We will explore the importance of soil conservation and learn how natural forces like moving water, wind, and ice shape the land. We will even make our own glaciers in class!


4th Grade Teacher

Madelyn Stumpf

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