Second Grade


Religion – In 2nd grade, students will become closer to Jesus. They will know more about         Him and have a desire and appreciation for the Eucharist as they prepare for their First   Communion.

Reading – Our reading series (Wonders) highlights stories with different literature skills: summarization, main idea, story setting, plot, characterization, and drawing conclusions (just to name a few). The stories are written in different genres–folk tales, fables, realistic fiction, fiction, non-fiction and fairy tales. We focus on different authors and illustrators.  One of the major goals in 2nd grade is to have your child become a better reader and to LOVE reading.

Spelling – There are 36 weekly lessons based on different phonetic skills. At the end of each lesson there is a spelling test on those words.

Language Arts  – We study parts of speech, sentence structure and grammatical punctuation. Our goal is to have your child feel successful writing and journaling.

Science – Our students learn about the interaction of living things, energy, dynamics in our ecosystem along with matter and its properties and all the Earth’s systems. Students also study basic health and germs.  Curiosity and observation are all welcome during the year!

Mathematics – Second grade mathematics continues with basic math operations of addition and subtraction, as well regrouping operations. Students will work on place value, money counting and telling time. Students will also master addition and subtraction facts operations by the end of the year.

Social Studies – We will learn about communities and types of communities, living in the past and present, and laws, rules, and government. Cultural celebrations will also be part of our studies, as will our country and its land forms. We will be visiting some historic sites during the year–in the past we have gone to Heritage Hill and the Log Cabin School House. The year’s work has many projects and fun learning activities.


Second Grade Teacher

Denise Umlauft


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