Science Curriculum

Science Curriculum

Middle School Science consists of three Major Areas: Physical Science, Life Science, and Earth and Space Science.  These Major Areas are specified by the Green Bay Diocese Science Standards, and the WI Department of Public Instruction (DPI) Science Standards.  The Diocese and DPI Standards are nearly identical, with the Diocese adding a Faith Component to each of the three Major Areas.

Holy Spirit School teaches Physical Science in 6th Grade, Life Science in 7th Grade, and Earth and Space Science in 8th Grade.

 In Physical Science the 6th Graders will learn about:  Matter, Energy, Force, Motion, Electricity, Magnetism, and Chemistry.

In Life Science the 7th Graders will learn about: Cells, Photosynthesis at the Cellular Level, Reproduction (Cellular, Plant, and Animal), Bio-Engineering, Human Systems, Evolution (Parents will be provided information on how this subject is handled), and Sustainability.

In Earth and Space Science the 8th Graders will learn about: Earth’s Structure, Plate Tectonics, Ocean Currents, Weather, The Earth’s Systems, Changes to Earth’s Systems, Earth/Moon/Sun system, Solar System, Galaxies, and the Universe.

Woven throughout all three Major Areas is the theme of God’s hand in creating, and guiding our world and universe.


Middle School Science Teacher

Jake Coenen

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