Scrip Terminology

Scrip Terms

Great Lakes:  the company Holy Spirit parish purchases scrip from on a weekly basis.  the website for ordering scrip from Great Lakes where you place your special orders.
Holy Spirit scrip office places Holy Spirit’s scrip order for our inventory on this website Monday afternoons.  the mobile website for accessing and ordering ScripNow and Reload/ReloadNow purchased through Great Lakes on your mobile device.

Enrollment Code:  Holy Spirit has an enrollment code used to associate your shopwithscrip account with Holy Spirit- this enables your scrip credits from scrip purchases ordered through shopwithscrip and myscripwallet to be applied to your Holy Spirit scrip account.

PrestoPay:  ACH transfer of funds from scrip customer’s personal checking account to Great Lakes for payment of scrip: special order physical cards, electronic cards and reloading reloadable cards.

PrestoPay set up process:  after enrolling in shopwithscrip to enable the purchase of ScripNow and Reload/ReloadNow you set up your banking information with the PrestoPay portion of the shopwithscrip website.  Great Lakes will send two small payments to your bank account to verify accuracy of your bank account. After you receive the small payment in your bank account, sign back in to the shopwithscrip presto pay portion to enter the amounts received in your bank account, you will then be given a verification code that must be given to Jeanne Konwal to activate your PrestoPay. After it has been activated by Jeanne, you can then use your ScripNow and Reload/ReloadNow options.

ScripNow:  electronic scrip that can be purchased from your computer on or on your smartphone at  You can purchase an eGift Card at check out and have the cashier scan the bar code to pay with scrip!!  Customer must be enrolled in PrestoPay to use ScripNow!

When purchased on, you can print out the barcode for your ScripNow! purchase and bring to the store for payment at the regular checkout.

If you are ordering from an online vendor, you can enter the barcode numbers/letters into your payment portion of the vendor’s website to complete your order.

ReloadNow! and Reload:  customers enrolled in PrestoPay may add money to their current physical scrip card if it was previously purchased from the Holy Spirit scrip program.

ReloadNow!:  scrip card can be reloaded and used within minutes if it was previously purchased from the Holy Spirit scrip program.

Reload:   scrip card can be reloaded but the process takes overnight if it was previously purchased from the Holy Spirit scrip program.

Physical Scrip Card:  includes cards stocked in inventory and any special order scrip you would like to order.

Special Order Scrip:  any scrip not stocked in our inventory that is available on  Customer is required to set up and sign-in to to place their order for a non-stocked physical scrip card. This can be paid for by PrestoPay, if enrolled, if not enrolled in PrestoPay, they must bring their physical payment (cash or check) to the Darboy scrip office prior to Monday noon to have their physical card included in our weekly scrip order.  Physical scrip cards generally arrive on Wednesday and would be available for pickup on Thursday morning at the Darboy site or call to make other arrangements.