CHWC 2019
First Info Meeting, Tuesday Nov 13th
5:30 PM  OR   7:30 PM
HSP- Kimberly Parish Center

To Register: Fill out the Registration Form and turn in $150 deposit to Sarah @ the Parish Office! 

Check out our Facebook Page: CHWCholyspiritparish 

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CHWC: Best Week Ever!!!!!!!






(Parent attends; camper if possible)

Tuesday Nov 11, 2018    5:30 PM or 7:00 PM  HSP KIM Parish Office 

Tuesday Feb 26, 2019   7:00 PM   HSP KIM

Tuesday April 30, 2019    7:00 PM  HSP KIM 

Build and Bond for Youth and Adults Leaders:

CHWC Packing list


Helpful Hints:

*Remember a photo ID!!
*Have a "safe keeping" plan for cell phones/money.
*Pack clothes layers for the bus/blanket/pillow.
*Sleeves must have caps on them/shorts must be long.
*Everyone must wear a swimsuit in the shower.
*Suggestion: skip the sleeping bag and instead pack a set of sheets and use your blanket from the bus.*G and PG movies can be brought- mark your name on them.
*Battery charger for phone; surge strip for multiple phone chargers
*Work with a group to share air mattress blowers and fold up drying rack for suits.
*Money for ?? meals while on the road and any souvenirs.