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CYO 2017-2018 

Who is so excited!?!? We at HSP are!!! We have 23 teams playing this season. Let’s represent HSP proudly and have some fun!


Tournament Schedule: https://fvcyo.weebly.com/tournament-schedule.html 

You will notice the date and times on the brackets are color coded with a key on one of the brackets in each division indicating the location of the tournament games. All the Freshman/Sophomore Boys games will be at St. John’s Parish in Little Chute. All of the Girls Games (except Championship) will be at Holy Spirit Parish in Darboy. All of the Junior/Senior Boys games will be at Holy Cross and St. Katerine Drexal (St. Mary’s) in Kaukauna.  The address for St. Mary’s is: 119 W 7th St, Kaukauna, WI 54130

–>Game Schedule-  Select Appropriate League Name! To read, find coach’s last name and correlating number. Find number in left hand column labeled “Game” and “Week #.” The second team listed is the home team. All home games are at HSP-Darboy on KK/Calumet St. For all other games, please see here:CYO Gym Locations

Jr-Sr National Boys League

Jr-Sr American Boys League


Fr-Soph National Boys League

Fr-Soph American Boys League

Girls National League

Girls American League

–>We have 252 youth from HSP/KHS playing this season. How fantastic! With those numbers, its hard for your part-time YM to be available for all the questions that arise.  To serve you best, please remember your first point of contact is your coach- please direct questions to them.

–>YM office/email hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9:30AM-3:30AM; Wednesday 2-10PM. (Notice, no Fridays!)

–>Team Volunteer Schedule:
 Must have one adult to cover the gate (adult only) and two adults or youth to cover the score book and scoreboard of the games listed on the schedule. Thanks for your help!

2017-18 CYO Parent Volunteer Schedule

–>CYO League website with schedules and games locations.

–>Concussion Fact Sheets:
Athletes Concussion Fact Sheet
Concussion Facts for Parents

Event Calendar