HSP CYO Basketball Info


CYO 2017-2018 

Who is so excited!?!? We at HSP are!!! Lets have 250 students playing this  year:)

654D5FA5-9392-4528-ACE2-6A02C115246BRegister here: CYO FULL REG PACKET
CYO Basketball registration packets are ready to go! Start forming your teams, find a coach, name a team captain! All HSP and/or Kimberly youth are welcome to participate. No matter your skill level, you are welcome on the court!

Turn in Registration Packets at the Wed. Nov 8th Parent Meeting, Darboy Gym, HSP.
Choose a Time:
5:45-6:15pm  or  6:30-7:00pm   or   7:15-7:45pm

JOB OPENING!!!  Holy Spirit CYO will be hiring a supervisor and HSP Rep for the gym on Saturdays of game play. For job description, click here:  CYO Supervisor job description


–>In the 2016-2017 season, 230 youth from HSP/KHS played. How fantastic. With those numbers, its hard for your part-time YM to be available for all the questions that arise.  To serve you best, please remember your first point of contact is your coach- please direct questions to them.

–>YM office/email hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9:30AM-3:30AM; Wednesday 2-10PM. (Notice, no Fridays!)

–>Game Schedule- To read, find coach’s last name and correlating number (use tabs on bottom to search through the different league schedules). Find number in left hand column labeled “Game” and “Week #.” The second team listed is the home team. Please check your location because all home games are not necessarily at HSP-Darboy.

Game schedule will be available shortly after Thanksgiving!

–>Team Volunteer Schedule:
 Must have one adult to cover the gate (adult only) and two adults or youth to cover the score book and scoreboard of the games listed on the schedule. Thanks for your help!

–>CYO League website with schedules and games locations.

–>Concussion Fact Sheets:
Athletes Concussion Fact Sheet
Concussion Facts for Parents

Event Calendar