Middle School Grades 6 thru 8

Middle School

Welcome to Holy Spirit Faith Formation! Below is an overview of what your child will learn throughout the year. Please also note that are there webpages devoted specifically to each grade under the headings of Elementary, Middle School, and High School. If you have any questions, please contact Bridget Nyarko, Faith Formation Coordination of Grades 1-8, at 788-7640.

Grade 6: Sixth graders focus on the Old Testament as their course of study. They learn about the origins of the world, of the human race, and of sin as presented in the Bible. They learn about the kings and prophets of ancient Israel. A significant amount of time is spent on the story of Moses and the Exodus.

Grade 7: Seventh graders review the doctrine of the Blessed Trinity. Then they study the New Testament, with a focus on the life of Jesus. In addition to their regular course, the students have a special class on sexuality, to which parents are invited to attend.

Grade 8: Students in the eighth grade study the history of the Catholic Church. Eighth graders are required to participate in a retreat. The retreat is scheduled for Wednesday, April 6, from 6:00-8:00 P.M.


The Darboy Church is located at:
W5831 Cty Rd KK, Appleton, WI 54915

The Kimberly Church is located at:
600 E. Kimberly Ave., Kimberly, WI 54136

Faith Formation Phone:
Grades 1-8 (920) 788-1401
High School (920) 788-7655