Pastoral Care


Please contact Leah Ackley, Pastoral Care Coordinator, at the parish office to join or learn more about any of these ministries, 788-7640.

Pastoral Care Commission

This serves parishioners especially those who are who are elderly and homebound. Commission members welcome new parish members with cards, provide meals during difficult times; provide hospitality and receptions for Anointing Masses; help with November 2 All Souls Vespers; provide remembrances for the homebound each Valentines Day, Easter, Summer and Christmas; arrange an annual retreat pilgrimage to a retreat center; help with Care Ministry training and renewal; help with grief support. Most of the activities happen during the daytime. This committee meets the third Wednesday afternoon of the month.

Pastoral Care Ministry

This is sharing the compassionate presence of Jesus as a companion to someone who needs support in difficult times. Care Ministers learn how to listen to needs, feelings, and hopes. They practice how to respond in non-judgmental and compassionate ways They learn prayer skills and how to pray with another person. They visit in homes, hospitals, nursing and assisted living centers. Care Ministers’ gifts are matched to the needs of the person being visited and their own gifts. A seven week training course is offered Tuesday evenings February – March. The course instructs on the theology of ministry, scripture and prayer skills. The gift is in the giving; Care Ministers receive more than they give!

Hospital Visitation

Care Ministers may choose to take turns and visit hospitals Sunday through Saturday. Two Care Ministers alternate weeks so that one visits the hospitals the first, third, and fifth week of the month and the other Care Minister visits on the the second and fourth week of the month.

Just as a side note, when a person registers in a hospital, the in-take person asks: “What is your religion? What is the name of your parish? May we contact your parish and let them know you are here?” If you say “yes”, our visitors can access this information and visit you. In emergency situations, this step might be omitted, so please inform the parish if you would like visits. If there is a transfer to another health facility, please let us know. Due to confidentiality laws, hospitals cannot give us this information.

Communion to the Homebound

People who are unable to attend Mass can ask for Communion at home which is an extension of the Communion Rite at Mass. The Communion minister prays, shares communion and visits.

Grief Support

The time after the loss of a loved one is difficult. Mourning begins when a person is terminally ill continues after the loss. Holy Spirit parish offers several support options:

  • Individual guidance and prayer with a pastoral staff person
  • Visits with a companion Care Minister
  • All Souls Vespers each November 2
  • Mourning to Morning: grief support sessions the five Tuesdays of October or April which gives information, shares experiences and prayer.

Manna Ministry

This provides food for occasions within the parish. Manna Ministry also provides food at agencies that help those who are poor. People can share from a list of various kinds of foods:

  • Breads or muffins: date, nut, cranberry, lemon, pumpkin, fruit…
  • Cookies or bars: chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, sugar, lemon…
  • Entrees: lasagna, casseroles, pasta dishes…
  • Soups: chili, chicken, beef, vegetable, broccoli cheese…
  • Salads: 7-layer, jello, cabbage, pasta, fruit, 3-bean…
  • Desserts: pies, cakes, tortes…

Let us know if you have a specialty and would like to share it.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Because we are always in need of prayer, we have a prayer shawl ministry as a tangible evidence to those for whom we are praying. The prayer shawl maker prays during the creation of the shawl while either knitting or crocheting in the comfort of their own home. The prayer shawl will enfold, comfort, shelter and beautify. We give these shawls to persons in health facilities, homebound, terminally ill and bereaved. White baptismal shawls are also made and can be used during and after a baptism.

Ministers for Funerals

We have an average of 50 funerals a year, usually at 12:00 noon or early evening. We need volunteers in any of the following areas:

  • Hospitality people to greet and tidy up the pews
  • Servers – adult, middle, or high school
  • Proclaimers (readers)
  • Eucharistic Ministers
  • Music Ministers
  • Preparing or serving for food at lunches


Weekend Mass times:

Saturday: 4:30 PM, Kimberly Church
Sunday: 7:30 AM, Darboy Church
Sunday: 9:30 AM, Kimberly Church
Sunday: 5:30 PM, Kimberly Church
Holy Days and weekdays:
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The Darboy Church is located at:
W5813 Cty Rd KK, Appleton, WI 54915

The Kimberly Church is located at:
600 E. Kimberly Ave., Kimberly, WI 54136