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Welcome to our Liturgical Ministry Page! There are many areas in which you can serve a parish community. There are few that are as satisfying and prayerful as those in the area of Liturgical Ministry, which is at the heart of our prayer and worship life as Catholic Christians. We thank you for prayerfully entering into the decision to serve and minister to the People of God, the Church.

Liturgy is the heart, the central action of the people of God, the Church. When gathered to praise God in Christ’s name through the power of the Holy Spirit, we become Christ’s Body, the Church. The actions of listening to God’s Word, responding in thanksgiving, and sharing the sacred Body and Blood—transform us, so that we the Church, become what we eat and drink: a sacrament, a visible sign of Christ’s presence and life in our world.

Liturgical ministries, services to the people, are specifically formed to provide for our celebrations. Those who share these liturgical gifts are servants of God who serve the Assembly with faith and humility.

Liturgical ministers are prepared, trained and encouraged to continue learning in a specific area of chosen service.

Hospitality: Greeters

Contact: Pastoral Associate, Sister Annette Koss at 920-788-7640. The Ministry of Greeter is overlooked in many places. When we think about the places we feel most comfortable, most welcome, most at home, it is often because of the people and reception that we receive. Each of us is called to greet and welcome those around us when we come to prayer. However it is especially important to greet every person that enters our doors. Greeters can be individuals or even a whole family! We invite everyone to take a turn welcoming those who come to pray with us.

Hospitality: Ushers 

Contact: Tom Schmit at 920-788-1516. Our Ushers, along with our Greeters, offer hospitality to all those who come to pray with us. Responsibilities include directing people to their seats or to the restrooms, asking a family to carry up the gifts, taking up the collection during the Preparation of the Gifts, assisting with the traffic flow and communion lines, handing out bulletins, assisting those with disabilities, and saying “thank you” to all of those who have come and worshiped with us.

Liturgical Musicians

Contact: Director of Liturgy, Mary Zuleger at 920-788-7640. A psalmist, a cantor, an organist, other instrumentalists, a choir, and a director of music aid the gathered assembly’s full participation in singing responses, acclamations, and other texts set to music. These musicians exercise a genuine liturgical function and, by their role, help to add beauty and solemnity to the celebration. To learn more and to become involved, visit our Music Ministry page.

Alter Servers

Contact: Pastoral Associate, Sister Annette Koss at 920-788-7640. Serving God’s holy people at Mass is a special privilege. Assistance at the altar by servers represents a long liturgical tradition. It allows us to be close to the altar, to carry the cross, to carry the light of Christ, to wear the robe of baptism, and to hold the book of the prayers. These servers enhance the quality of the celebration for the whole gathered assembly by taking part in processions and by ensuring that all items required for the celebration are available at the appropriate moments.


Contact: Catherine Depies at 920-788-7640. The ministry of the proclaimer is a crucial role during our liturgies. In proclaiming the Word of God, proclaimers exercise their responsibility in the liturgical celebration. God speaks to the faithful through them, and the effectiveness of their proclamation of God’s Word depends significantly on their conviction, preparation, and delivery. When you answer the call to be a minister of the Word, you enter into a deeper relationship with the Word of God as revealed in Sacred Scripture.

Extraordinary Minister of Communion

Contact: Marlene Benzschawel at 920-733-2369. Bishops, priests, and deacons are the ordinary ministers of Holy Communion during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Assistance is given by lay persons, trained as extraordinary ministers of Communion. These ministers serve Christ present in the gathered assembly by ministering his Body and Blood to their brothers and sisters. They also serve the unity of the worshiping community by taking Holy Communion to those members who are prevented by sickness, old age, or other cause from taking part in the congregation.


Contact: Pastoral Associate, Sister Annette Koss at 920-788-7640. Sacristans are responsible for caring for the Sacristy and making sure everything is ready for our weekend liturgies. Help is often needed to wash the priests’ vestments, the altar server robes, the purificators and altar linens, as well as help to clean and change the candles in church and other various duties throughout the liturgical year.

Assisting Sacristan

Contact: Pastoral Associate, Sister Annette Koss at 920-788-7640. Those who help setup for weekend Mass, not only assist our Sacristans in making sure that our church is ready for prayer, but also assist our priests in getting everything in place before Mass begins. The gifts are placed on the table, the credence table is prepared with everything that we need to celebrate Mass, and Extraordinary Ministers of Communion are recruited before Mass begins.

Art & Environment Committee

Contact: Pastoral Associate, Sister Annette Koss at 920-788-7640. The Art & Environment Committee meets seasonally, but works year round to keep our church decorated for the Liturgical Seasons of the Year, to keep our flowers fresh and watered, and to keep our church space prepared to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.


Weekend Mass times:

Saturday: 4:30 PM, Kimberly Church
Sunday: 7:30 AM, Darboy Church
Sunday: 9:30 AM, Kimberly Church
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The Darboy Church is located at:
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