Younger art students focus on hand/eye coordination and correct usage of materials.  All students learn to recognize and use the elements of design. The elements include; line, color, value, shape, texture, form & space. All middle school art students learn how the elements of design are combined and organized in developing the 7 principles of design. Principles include; balance, movement, rhythm, contrast, emphasis, pattern, & unity. These principles are used to create successful compositions. Usage of the elements and principles is ongoing. Art history is interspersed throughout the year at varying levels for the different grades. Of course creativity is always nurtured and encouraged!


Students in Grades 4-8 are offered an opportunity to learn a band instrument.  Students in Grades 4-5 are in Spirit Band while students in Grades 6-8 are in Varsity Band.  The band fee is $80/semester.  A limited instrument rental program is available.  All band fees are non-refundable and must be paid at the beginning of each semester.


Technology classes in Grades K-8 will support the ISTE Standards for Students. The Structured Learning Technology Curriculum will be used to teach the standards. It includes project-based, collaborative activities that address the four main topics: keyboarding (not just typing), digital citizenship, problem-solving and technology vocabulary.

Physical Education 

K-1st grade: Students concentrate on motor skills such as throwing, catching and kicking. They also practice locomotor movements that include skipping, galloping, jumping, hopping, sliding, walking and running. Students are encouraged to use good sportsmanship and to follow safety rules in class. grading: participation, effort, sportsmanship.

2nd – 3rd grade: Students continue to work on skills used in various sports. They begin to learn basic rules, and participate in lead up games that are a precursor to regular team sports. Students are encouraged to use good sportsmanship and to follow safety rules.  Grading: participation, effort, sportsmanship.

4th – 5th grade: Students are introduced to more organized sports and begin to learn the rules of various activities more in-depth. Students are beginning to understand the team sport concept and working together. Sportsmanship is emphasized, as well as having good character and encouraging classmates. Grading: participation, effort, sportsmanship, some skill testing.

6th – 8th grade: Students are put into game situations after learning rules and reviewing skills needed to participate. Good character and sportsmanship is emphasized.  Grading: participation, effort, sportsmanship, written quizzes on rules, skill testing.


The library is staffed by a coordinator who provides library opportunities and programs for students in Grades K-5.  The library operates on the “library habit” which is designed to have students return and/or check out books any day versus only once a week.


Students in grades PreK-5 participate in general music classes twice a week. Grades 6-8 students have the option of participating in Music through Electives.


Students in lower elementary will begin to learn basic Spanish vocabulary. As they progress through the grades, their vocabularies will continue to grow and we will begin to learn basic grammar.

In middle school, students will begin to learn more advanced grammar and work on their listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. Students in all grades will explore cultural holidays and traditions as well as faith integration.